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Big TouchLarge touch screen display applications  BigTouch

Conferences , Retail Spaces and Commercial  Exhibition.

Large touch screen display development, Imagine a large screen you can interact with, much larger than a tablet, but acts in the same way as a tablet by allowing you to use gestures such as pinch, swipe and zoom and then imagine doing this to any object such as video , text and 3D objects on a large screen.

BigTouch is an experienced UK based company, working with touch technologies to transform your corporate event, meeting or simple presentation into a large touch screen experience. Our touch screen experiences translate well to retailers, SM’es , corporate events, and large exhibitions and shows.

We convert all your media elements into a set of touch objects that allow us to re-produce your presentation for a stunning interactive touch experience on a large screen.

Our team of developers  will then split your presentation into scenes (screens) with a choice of selected interactive components as follows:

How it works

Everything is designed out of the box for your exhibition, conference or kiosk.
Media Assets we can work with
  • 3D – fully rotational 3D object with pinch and zoom. you must provide a 3Ds file
  • 2D Cover flow assets
  • Image galleries with pop out zoom and rotate
  • Video controls
  • Pdf Control
  • Text and font controls
  • Form boxes
  • Asset grids
  • Flip charts
  • Websites
  • Internet connections
All of the above are touch ready, and can interact with your content in many different touch ways, giving you a unique experience.
  1. We take your presentation and work it into a set of scenes with interactive touch components
  2.  Supply us with your text, videos and images from your existing presentations
  3. We code this into a self contained player for your touch experience
  4. We also provide the PC and Touch screen to your own specifications. sizes start at 22inch and larger

Our system is unique to you and your touch presentation is designed around your own assets.

Contact us for further information.